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  • TATA Social Enterprise Challenge (pdf)

  • National Award for Women’s Development through Application of Science & Technology - Deadline : 30.09.2017 (pdf)

  • National Awards for Science and Technology Communication 2017- call closing date :10.10.2017 (pdf )

  • DST-UKIERI call for Research Proposal 2017-18 - Call Closing date : 20.10.2017 ( pdf )

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement (FoA): Off Grid Access to Electricity ,Call for Notificationof Intent -Call closing date :30.09.2017 (pdf )

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): Smart Grids, Call for Notification of Intent - Call closing date :30.09.2017 ( pdf )

  • Office of People Analytics (OPA) Research Fellowship Program - Call closing date :11.09.2017 ( pdf )

  • Identify oppurtinities for ICT to increase the efficiency of biomass supply chains for the bio-based industry Website:

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Research & Development @ UPES

The University aspires to conduct Research and Development in diverse areas aiming to cover the full spectrum, from fundamental and theoretical studies, through research of relevance to business and industry with practice-based studies in Energy. We seek to support each research area with crosscutting functions, including industry partnerships, knowledge and technology transfer, analysis, and program integration. We aim towards developing quality research & development, spanning all three colleges, configured to provide the maximum of opportunities for various multidisciplinary areas.

To accomplish this, UPES has formed 11 virtual centres / institutes of research, each working in a particular strategic area, by bringing together its research expertise, knowledge-base and key skills into interdisciplinary teams. These centres/institutes represent our view of the integrated solutions to most pressing energy challenges for the present society to which we believe our expertise and research can make a real and lasting contribution. The following centres bring together experts from a variety of disciplines to effect change and deliver practical solutions.

1. Institute of Alternate Energy Research

2. Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

3. Centre for Energy Economics Research

4. Centre of Infrastructure and Project Finance

5. Centre for Energy Law

6. Institute of Robotics Technology

7. Environment Research Institute

8. Computation Research Institute

9. Automotive Research Institute

10. Centre for Aerospace Research

11. Centre for Supply Chain Management