Brain Storming Session
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Brainstorming Session on ‘Developing Domain based New Technologies’ 

First Brainstorming Session on ‘Developing Domain based New Technologies’ was organized at UPES Bidholi Campus on 4th December 2015.  In-house researchers and research fellows of UPES have attended this session.

New research plans were proposed in this session, future prospects were discussed in area of computer science and information technology like to have content based multilingual database development, knowledge based tutorial systems and user based intelligent systems for IT awareness and dissemination and also in energy related research areas like waste to energy, water treatment, solar thermal etc.

In the domain of new engine research with particular emphasis on IC engines, development of a test bench for IC engine research and alternate fuel testing in IC engine for the combustion and emission characteristics were proposed and also novel additive for biofuel development was also proposed.

Even the possibility of research in the field of piezoelectricity with more than 20 non-centrometric materials available to work on was also suggested in this session.

Overall this session had come up with different proposed action plan which will be submitted in this upcoming year.

Dr. Uma Kant Panwar, Secretory Energy, Govt. of Uttarakhand chaired the brain storming session of seminar. In his inaugural address, Dr. Panwar emphasized on utilization of the food waste of cities e.g. Rishikesh and Haridwar for the bio-gas generation. Key note address by Dr. B. S. Negi focused on reliability of biomass waste based biogas power units of small capacity range (3-250 kW).

Key points of the discussion were: technical upgradation in bio-digesters design, promotion of biogas and community participation, community based plants, utilization of municipal landfill waste for biogas generation, feasible biogas usage (cooking, electricity, and vehicle) in special view of Uttarakhand, including commercialization and revenue generation.