Chancellor Message

We believe that R&D activities are key to strengthening the sustainable development of UPES and benefit the society and our profession at large. The R&D team @ UPES is also involved in developing its alliances and collaborative partnerships with various national/international organizations, industries, government bodies and other research institutions to ensure the involvement in a variety of areas, ranging from fundamental to applicable research. This along with academic rigor and the cultural pursuits at UPES helps in the inclusive development of the students.

I, must, reiterate that as an organization we must match the excellence of publications in terms of indexing, originality and reproducibility. It is extremely important for the researchers to maintain and preserve the quality of research. We are cultivating facilities and awareness derives to improve the research culture in the university. It is obligatory for every researcher to educate himself/herself and the students on the ethical approach to research and avoid any intentional and unintentional breach of copyrights.

I am confident that the research portfolio at UPES will develop further in the coming years enabling us to reach greater heights and acquire laurels from different stakeholders.


Dr. S J Chopra