Funded Projects

Complete List of Projects
S.No.  Title  Funding Agency Team  Starting Date Duration Cost Status Sanction Letter
1 Investigation of fusion-fission reaction dynamics in heavy ion interactions DST Dr. D.P. Singh Jul-17 3 Years 40 Ongoing click here 
2 Implementation of Evolutionary Computing Algoritm for polarimetric SAR data processing and classification ISRO Mr. Anil Kumar Jun-17 3 Years 17.9 Ongoing  
3 Development of a novel technology for production of hydrocarbon fuels from mixed Plastic waste SERB-DST Dr. Praveen K Ghodke Apr-17 3 years 38.896 Ongoing click here
4 An intelligent tutoring system for children with learning disabilities – dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia TIDE-DST Dr. Neelu J. Ahuja Mar-17 2.5 years 32.474 Ongoing click here
5 Identification of Sources of Wastewater, its Characterization and Quantification in Hospitals (Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board) UEPPCB Dr. Nihal Siddhique, Dr. SM Tauseef Feb-17 1 Year 0.989 Ongoing click here 
6 Nanocomposites Based on Functionalized Nanofillers  (DST-SERB Project)  Dr. S Rana Jan-17 3 years 54.8973 Ongoing click here
7 Foundation of MSME Clusters - Feasibility Study of BMOs FMC Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Dr. Neeraj Anand Jan-17 1 year 1 Ongoing  
8 2D Material: Multilayer GaN DST-SERB Dr. Ratnesh K. Pandey Oct-16 3 Years 55 Ongoing click here
9 Performance analysis of water pumps at Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan sites Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma (PI),      Dr. Kamal Bansal (Co-PI) Sep-16 1 year 120 Ongoing  
10 Legal and market barriers in adoption of ethanol as alternative energy source: A comparative analysis with reference to U.S.A., Brazil, Philippines and India PLR Chamber, New Delhi Prof. Dr. Tabrez Ahmad (PI)
Dr. Azim B. Pathan (PI)
Dr. Sujata Bali (PI)
Dr. Rituparna Das (PI)
Dr. Venkateswaralu Chintala (PI)
Mr. Krishan Deo Singh Chauhan (PI)
Sep-16 6 months 4 Completed  
11 Sustainable Grey Water (GW) Treatment Technology for Community Buildings DST Dr. Jitendra K Pandey Aug-16 3 Years 127.85 Ongoing click here
Indo - French Dr. J.K Pandey, Dr. Benoit Teychene, Associate professor,
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Poitiers (ENSIP), 
Mar-16 2 Years 35 Ongoing click here
13 Petrography and Geochemistry of Gas bearing shale from Permo-Triassic shales of Kommegundam and Mandapeta region of Krishna Godavari Basin India DST Dr. J.Devaraju and Dr.U.Kedareswarudu   Sep-15 3 Years 27.13 Ongoing click here
14 Immobilization of enzymes on various nanostructures for the fabrication
of bio-sensors
DST Indo-Slovenia Dr. Jitendra K. Pandey, Dr. Sanket Goel (India) and Dr. Ċ½eljko Knez (Univ of Maribor) Jul-15 3 years 25 Ongoing click here
15 World Bank GEF Project - Project Development Support in Dehradun Cluster SIDBI Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Prasoon Dwivedi Jul-15 9 months 33 Completed  
16 Development of Knowledge-based Tutoring system for seismic data interpretation using visual and analytical tools integrated intelligent tutoring DST Dr. Neelu Jyothi Ahuja Apr-15 3 Years 29.364 Ongoing click here
17 Woman Technology Park DST Dr. Neelu Jyothi Ahuja, Dr. Kanchan Bahukhandi, Dr. Bhawana Lamba, Dr. Sapna Jain Apr-15 3 Years 56.5858 Ongoing click here
18 Microviscometer for Various Biochemical Applications DST Dr. Mukesh Awasthi and Dr. Ajay Agarwal Aug-14 2 Years 70.1188 Completed click here
19 Direct Conversion of Sugarcane Bagasse to Auto fuels by Catalytic Hydrous Pyrolysis in Presence of CO MNRE Dr. G Gopalakrishnan and Mr. G Sanjay Kumar Apr-14 2 Years 64.74957 Ongoing click here 
20 2014 LEADHER Programme on Strengthening research capacity and research management in higher education universities  LEADHER Dr. Sanket and Dr. Prasoom Dwivedi Apr-14 1 Year 8 Completed  
21 Feasibility of harnessing CSP to produce and store pyrolysed biofuels for automotive engine applications DST Dr. Venkat Chintala, Dr. Suresh Kumar, Dr. J.K. Pandey Nov-13 3 Years 42.85 ongoing click here
22 Evaluation of the use of Pine Needles as a Feedstock for Biomass Gasification (with TERI) GIZ Dr Pankaj Sharma and Mr Saurabh Biswas Nov-13 3 Months 26 Completed  
23 Pipeline Surveillance using Parachute Ariel Vehicle (PAV) SERB-DST Dr Om Prakash, Ms Vindhya Devella, Mr Amit Mondal, Mr Vivek Kaundal and Dr Manish Prateek  Nov-13 1 Year 6 Completed  
24 Microfluidic-Diffusivity-meter: CO2 diffusivity sensor during Carbon Sequestration in the Oil-reservoirs DST Dr. Sanket Goel Oct-13 3 years 21.92 Ongoing  
25 Understanding Shale Gas Reservoir and Production ABB Prof B P Pandey, Dr Santosh Dubey, Dr D K Gupta, Dr S K Nanda, Mr Vamsi Krishna and Dr Sanket Goel Jul-13 1 Year 22.17 Ongoing  
26 High Order Numerical Solution of Some Differential Equations Arising in Engineering using Non Standard Numerical Techniques UCOST Pratibha Joshi and Maheswar Pathak Jun-13 1 year 0.685 Completed click here
27 An Expert System for Integrated Solid Waste Management for Dehradun city  UCOST  Neelu Ahuja and Kanchan Bahukhandi Apr-13 1 year 3.62685 Completed click here
28 Membrane less Microfluidic devices for rapid, automated and self-sustainable enzymatic biofuel cell with 3D electrodes for in vivo and ex vivo devices DST-Korea Sanket Goel (UPES) and Ashutosh Sharma, Praabhat Dwivedi (IITK) Feb-13 2 years 24.7044 Ongoing  
29 Conducting a "Sensitization workshop and skill development training on sub megawatt scale biomass power generation" UNDP Pankaj Sharma, Deepak Rai, Prasoom Dwivedi etc Nov-12 4 months 6.81 Completed  
30 Assessment of HSE  issues in small scale industries in Uttarakhand UCOST Dr Nihal Siddique May-12 3 Years 3.069 Completed  
31 Endurance analysis or tribiological studies of diesel engines fueled with bio-butanol, diesel and their blends as alternate fuel UCOST Mr. Shayam Pandey, Dr. P. K. Sahoo Apr-12 3 Years 3.5397 Completed  
32 Study of Energy Consumption pattern of Rural Uttarakhand  UCOST Dr. Prasoon Dwivedi Apr-12 3 years 8.576 Completed  
33 Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol: Search for Improver catalysts DST Dr. Shrihari, Dr. Ashutosh Pandey, Girish N Desai Feb-12 3 years 94 Completed  
34 Installation of Novel Biomass Pyrolysis Pilot Plant and its Performance Evaluation for Bio-oil production using different biomass feed-stocks DST Mr. G Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Shrihari & Dr. A. K. Tiwari Feb-12 2 years 27.9 Completed  
35 Development of Catalyst and Process for 1. Isomerization of n-pentene and hexene hydricarbon in single step and 2. Dimerization of n-butene to iso-octane in single step IOCL Prof. R P Badhoni& Dr. A K Saxena Nov-11 2 years 84.39 Completed  
36 Establishment and Demonstration of H2 production and utilization facility through photovoltaic electrolyzers system at the Solar Energy Centre MNRE, IOCL, SEC Dr. A. K. Tiwari & Dr. N. R. Raje , Dr. J.K. Pandey Sep-11 2 Years + Extension  2700 Completed  
37 Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) Technology for Biogas from Jatropha whole plant MNRE Mr. G. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. A K Tiwari, Dr. Shailey Singhal, Mr. Sanjay Dalvi, Mr. Hemanathan, RA 01-Aug-11 18 Months 49 Completed  
38 Analysis and Improvement of Oxidation Behaviour of Bio-Diesel DST Dr. Bhawana Yadav &  Dr. A.K. Tiwari Jul-11 3 Years 19.08 Completed  
39 Performance enhancement, evaluation and analysis of an IDI diesel engine using Straight Vegetable Oil  (SVO) by H2 supplementation MNRE Dr. Mukesh Saxena & Dr. A K Tiwari  Jan-11 18 months 87.21 Completed  
40 Biogas Development and Trainig Centre, Dehradun MNRE Dr. A K Tiwari & G. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Shailey Singhal, Mr. Paramjyot,Mr. M. D. Selvapandian,Ms. Jayanthi 01-Oct-09 5 years 83 Completed  
41 Research Capacity Development in Renewable Energy LEADHER Dr. Sanket Goel, Dr. Prasoom Dwivedi 2012 1 year 7 Completed  
42 Technical Performance analysis of diesel ethanol blends in DI diesel Engine DST Dr. P. K. Sahoo, Dr. R. K. Tripathi  2010 18 months 6 Completed  
43 Estimation of shelf life of polymer based chemicals for drilling & production of hydrocarbons  KDMIPE, ONGC  Dr. R P Badoni  2009 1 6 Completed  
44 Establishment of jatropha de-oiled cake based biogas plant  UCOST Dr. P. K. Sahoo & Mr. R. Mahajan  2009 3 years 34.35 Completed  
45 Compliance Monitoring of Asha Puram Mines (Raigarh, Maharashtra)  Ashapuram Mines  Dr. Pradeep Joshi  2009 1 year 14.43 Completed  
46 Physio-chemical characterization of Gasoline samples of Maruti Udhyog Ltd  MUL  Dr. D N Saraf  2009 6 months 3 Completed  
47 Product Penetration of consumption pattern of Automotive Lubricants – Environment concerns in Uttarakhand  UCOST  Mr. R S Kaushik  2009 6 months 3 Completed  
48 Development of Lab Facility for Biodiesel Production Centre DST Dr. P. K. Sahoo 2006 6 months 2.32 Completed  

Non-Government Funded Projects


Project Title

Funding Agency





Sanction letter 


Foundation of MSME Clusters - Feasibility Study of BMOs


Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Dr. Neeraj Anand


1 year




Understanding Shale Gas Reservoir and Production


Prof B P Pandey, Dr Santosh Dubey, Dr D K Gupta, Dr S K Nanda, Mr Vamsi Krishna and Dr Sanket Goel


1 Year


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