Centre for Infrastructure and Project Finance (CIPF)

Centre Head

Dr. Sumeet Gupta


To be a center for excellence in the fields of infrastructure and project financing  accelerating the fulfillment of infrastructure requirements serving both the corporate as well as the community at large.


To accelerate India’s infrastructure development by promoting infrastructure as an investment of choice. CIPF would work closely with the industry to develop models to improve returns on investment, develop theories to better manage the infrastructure developments, and research talent requirements in infrastructure to facilitate skills development through partnership with national and international institutions.

Core Focus Areas

  • Rural and Urban Infrastructure
  • Logistic  as a part of Infrastructure
  • Community Participation in Infrastructure Projects
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Agriculture Infrastructure

Centre Strategy

Short Term:

  • Identifying research areas with probable funding agencies
  • Recognizing the areas for research with industrial with societal implications
  • Developing network for research capacity building in Infrastructure and Project Finance

Long Term:

  • Research and Consultancy in  Infrastructure and Project Finance
  • Infrastructure Services for the benefit of community
  • Costs and Benefit study for Private Sector Investments into Infrastructure Development.
  • Project  Feasibility/Viability/ Appraisal /Financial  Modeling  
  • To provide sustainable Infrastructure Development
  • Capacity building and Providing Infrastructure and Project Finance for benefit of the society