Research Initiatives 

Brainstorming Session:

UPES strongly believes that creativity, fresh ideas and innovation are the key metrics of success. In pursuit of these key factors, every year brain storming sessions are organized with a motive to bring people together into the creative process, to increase the volume of possible ideas and also the social nature of the project. By working collectively to create a shared definition of innovation in setting up research objectives, students and faculty members are found to be stimulated to greater creativity. The major focus is to ameliorate student’s personality by working in group to define a problem, and find, through creative thinking some innovative ideas.

Learning with Leaders:

The program “Learning with Leaders” is an extreme influence on the student community on improving the credibility, capability, striving for excellence, professional standing and eminence of new ideas which fosters national growth. Learning of Learning with leaders is indeed an eye opening experience by the lectures given by renowned personalities in their field of expertise.

The program drives intellectual exchange between experts and array of students and faculty members. The sessions by the renowned professors aid in generating ideas in new strategic direction and encourage the students in developing a passion for understanding nature.


UPES, with a strive for promoting participation of faculty members as Principal Investigator for various sponsored projects/schemes, has initiated a project called SEED Support. The objective of SEED support is to provide all the necessary financial support and basic facilities to check the feasibility of new research ideas which further helps in achieving external grants for carrying out extended objectives. It may also, at times, support to advance the funds incase if there is any delay in external grant approval to ensure the smooth completion of the projects. Faculty members may be sanctioned with a maximum grant of 5,00,000/-.

Research Initiative for Students of Engineering (RISE)

With an intention to encourage RESEARCH ACTIVITIES amongst all the undergraduate and postgraduate students, UPES has initiated a unique student research based program called “RISE”. Every year new and innovative ideas in form of research proposals are invited from the students of all semesters of UG and PG courses and financial assistance is provided for the selected projects. Annually, a sum of INR 15,00,000/- (Rupees fifteen lakh only) will be utilized to support the research activities of engineering students. B. Tech and M. Tech students may be provided with financial support of Rupees 20,000/- and 30,000/- respectively to execute their research ideas in any field of science and engineering.

Invited Speakers:

New ideas come from unlimited sources and opportunities. Often a change in environment can lead to a change in thought process. The program, Invited speakers / Guest lectures was initiated with an aim of stimulating successful, stronger and more resistant ideas among students and faculty fraternity. These talks may also help in reviving the student knowledge on concerned topics and get updated on research trends.

Industry- Academia Meet

UPES has started UPES R&D – Industry Meet program with a primary focus on skills development (education and training), the generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer), and the promotion of entrepreneurship (start-ups and spin-offs). The focus is also on tailoring students skills set towards meeting industry requirements. Also, merging of basic and applied research through collaborations help in identifying the research gaps, exchange of research ideas and exploring new possible approaches to resolve research related issues.

Library Database

With a motive of bringing all research and academic related information under single roof for searching and extracting information, the UPES Library database – “Gyankosh” was initiated. Gyankosh is the repository of spectrum of books, Publications, ongoing and completed projects etc.

UPES Digital Repository (DR@UPES) system captures, stores, indexes, preserves, and distributes digital research materials such Thesis, Dissertations, articles published by UPES fraternity. One can browse the document by author, title, subject, and date. Both simple and advanced search facilities have been provided. as,

This library database also serves as a guide for writing citations and book alerts from publishers.

R&D Awards

September thEvery year, on 5UPES felicitates its faculty members with Research Excellence Awards based on their contributions in SCOPUS indexed journals and achieving external grant. Awards in form of Gift vouchers and certificates are given in a way to promote research culture among faculty members.

Faculty Development Program

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