Research Promotion
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UPES, with a strive for promoting participation of faculty members as Principal Investigator for various sponsored projects/schemes, has taken an initiative called SEED Support. The objective of SEED support is to provide all the necessary financial support and basic facilities to check the feasibility of new research ideas which further helps in achieving external grants to carry out extended objectives. It may also, at times, support to advance the funds incase if there is any delay in external grant approval to ensure the smooth completion of the projects. Faculty members may be sanctioned with a maximum grant of 500000 INR.

This is financial support to faculty members to test the feasibility of their research ideas  without fear of failure


Imminent researchers are invited to campus to give series of lecture with specific / targeted group of researchers. A real time learning with experienced personality for research proposal developments for external funding


Full support to budding researchers.

All the students of UPES may apply for funding to support their innovative talent and sprits. Full support to students to develop innovative models as per their imaginations. Models are evaluated by industry members  to adopt the ideas of students

  Research centres are created to focus on selected areas. Any interested faculty and student can approach to the centre for tailored support

  Any member of UPES ( faculty and non-faculty) can submit the ideas for technology development, advancement and innovation. We give complete financial support to study and examine the innovation and research ideas


Renowned research personalities are invited to the campus for lecture / talks to enhance the research intellectual capacity of students and researches.

For example invited talk by: Bharat ratna Dr. CNR Rao, Padma Bibhusan KS. Valdiya, Padma Bibhusha Prof. GV Narlikar, Padma Shri  Por.fS.K.Joshi, Padma Shri Prof.VK Singh, Padma Shri Prof. Harsh Gupta and many more

  On the demand of students and faculty,  UPES organize customized brain storming session by inviting researchers and industry fellows to discuss the research gaps, future and present status of specific areas. It is fully supported by UPES that included boarding, lodging and honorarium of invited members. 

  R&D managers and other related people from industry are invited to share the challenges / issues being faced by them in their respective companies. These research challenges can be solved by our researchers to have directly applicable research results. Full financial support is provided by UPES


UPES provide full financial support to faculty members and students for participating in national and international conferences / seminars

  These workshops / seminar are regularly organized by UPES to give free training to students on writing research papers, awareness of patents, and technical skill development for writing research proposals

  Imminent Research Advisory group of academicians and industry researchers to provide the bird’s eye view of research gaps and planning of  strategies for research.

  Paid leaves, flexibility in working hours, freedom for utilization of UPES facility and other support as and when required to carry out various consultancy project